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Engineering Design and Manufacturing

Engineering services by Advantage Manufacturing - utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts to deliver top-quality design and engineering solutions for a variety of industries.

Engineering Design

Advantage offers a wealth of manufacturing experience that is not found in most shops. Our long history of product design results in a natural talent for design for manufacturability, process improvement, cost reduction suggestions, and implementation. With four Solidworks seats and our exceptional staff, we’re uniquely qualified to assist with your product realization.

  1. concept to production
  2. design for manufacturing
  3. design for cost-savings
  4. process engineering
  5. engineering tools (Solidworks/AutoCad)

Advantages manufacturing engineering services play a vital role in ensuring the efficient production of high-quality products. These services involve coordinating and optimizing the manufacturing processes, selecting appropriate equipment, implementing quality control measures, and providing ongoing support to ensure smooth production flow. We are CAD (computer-aided design) based for our machine programming software and can engineer-build products from many file options. Our preferred formats are 3D native Solidworks, .stp/.step (Standard for the exchange of product data), .iges/.igs,(Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) or .xt (Parasolid).